Summer Eye makeup Tips and Tricks

Summer Eye makeup tips and tricks, In this article we will share with you some easy steps to apply summer eye makeup that you can wear anywhere excluding swaying. Summer Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks are as following:
1. Apply concealer under your eyes.
2. Smidgeon some powder underneath eye to catch any extra shadow that falls.
3. Use normal scotch tape around the corners of eyes to apply the shadow.
4. Use a pink-beige color to cover whole lid using a regular shadow applicator.
5. Use wrinkle blender brush to apply a shadowy lavender color in the crease and bring it out.

6. Use a highlighter underneath brow.
7. Apply the same color shadow used in the crumple with an angle brush and apply it to the lower lash line.
8. Use an eyelash foundation on the top lashes.
9. Apply dark mascara on top and bottom lashes.
10. Eyebrowscan be left unattended or if you want to have some effects on your eyebrows s you can use Quo Brow Focus. First apply wax and then the powder. Plucking eyebrows is not recommended.
And that’s all about summer eye make-up tips and tricks. It is guaranteed that you will center of focus in any party or gathering if you follow these guidelines to wear a summer eye make-up.

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