Rose Petal Lips

Lips and eyes are considered as the important parts of the face; they enhance the face attraction, if you take care of them properly. Particularly, fresh & soft lips give your face a natural glow.
Almost every woman want to listen comments like rose petal for her lips. The wish to have rose petal like lips is present in the beauty industry for centuries. You need to develop some precautionary measures to beautify your lips. First of all, never let your lips to get dry, provide them proper moisture, drink & eat healthy; try to have lip balm or such protective layer on your skin while going out and before going to bed in winters, especially. In winters, if you apply some thick balm, Vaseline or simply fresh milk crème before sleep, you will feel great when you wake-up in the morning. It’s also good to exfoliate your lips, with salt, sugar or simply with your toothbrush, but with gentle hands. Always buy standard lipstick with healthy ingredients, never compromise on quality.

Besides them, try to match your lipstick color with blush & foundation shades, in order to have balanced make-up tone.

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