Pakistani and Indian Brides Makeup

Whatever the season, whatever the time, elegance is relevant to all occasions. For all you newly-wed brides, bold feminism is in! Colours like the bright cobalt and striking candy-pink featured here, worked with regal gold and diamante embroidery respectively, will add assertiveness to your presence. They give you just enough flair for your latest leap; bold new strokes for your bold new step.

For all you gentle ones out there! Don’t despair yet, for that soft shy look, this sophisticated ivory and blue dress – hinting elusively at delicate shades of beige – is a luscious dream in cream. With a contemporary cut, a traditional border to its chiffon dupatta, and a form of pearl-and-sequin embroidery with sun, star and leaf motifs fusing the two styles, it picks up just enough from both the East and West to send across the message of chic with just the right amount of grace.

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