Mother’s Red Dress (2011) – Movie | Onlinemoviesvideos

Mother's Red Dress (2011) - Movie | Onlinemoviesvideos

Mother’s Red Dress (2011) – Movie | Onlinemoviesvideos

Laura Ullman, a single mother, kills her abusive ex-boyfriend and turns the gun on her son when he threatens to call the police. Paul leaves home to start a better life and falls for Ashley, a young woman looking for direction in her life, unaware of his past troubles.

Mother’s Red Dress is a peculiarly interesting experience because it never strays from the filmmaker’s head. A highly personal piece of work, it seems that the entire script has been pieced together by loose fragments of memory and vague imaginations – which work to in some way reflect a bigger picture of the sort you can just about grasp. It’s difficult to discuss a film which offers little in the way of private significance for those of us looking in. For me, the film is at its strongest while maintaining its odd and hazy progression; it journeys onwards, changing direction the way you might imagine a jarring turn of phrase. Thriller? Road movie? Horror? You never can tell entirely, but the overall message is powerfully affecting.

Rating: NR
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Romance
Directed By: Edgar Michael Bravo
Written By: Edgar Michael Bravo
Studio: No Restrictions Entertainment

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