Microsoft Working on a Unified OS for Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and TVs!

During the Worldwide Partner Conference at Los Angeles, Andy Lees, President ofMicrosoft Worldwide Partner Conference, said that in future the House of Redmond will unify their own versions of OS creating an ‘ecosystem’ for PCs, tablets, phones and TVs.

The main aim of Microsoft is therefore to merge their devices under one user interface, or better, it won’t be just this. Redmond indeed intends to bring its own core technologies that make a colossus computer (see Internet Explorer) on all devices, including mobile ones.

Microsoft is planning a harmonization of its operating system, creating a version that Crews PC,tablet, mobile, and Xbox and intends to do over the next four years, Time in which the console Xbox celebrate 10 years of career and the next operating system will now run its course, which normally is about 3 years.

It appears that the mark Windows will abandoned in favor of a new brand style in line with the future of the American colossus. We have to wait and see how Microsoft will explore what is shaping up as a new technological revolution in the race to the record that sees the rival Applein Fort recovery.

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