Leighton Meester loves gel manicures

Leighton Meester loves gel manicures

Leighton Meester thinks gel manicures are ‘genius’.

The 25-year-old US actress, famed for playing Blair Waldorf in teen drama Gossip Girl, often pampers herself along with co-star Blake Lively, who portrays Serena van der Woodsen.

The pair swap tips on beauty, with Leighton being a particular advocate for gel nail treatments.

‘When we’re filming Gossip Girl, Blake Lively and I always discuss our fave spas and treatments. I make time to hit the spa and I love getting my nails done,’ she gushed in an interview with the British edition of In Style.

‘I tend to stick to pale pinks on my hands, but I wear any colour on my toes. My manicurist just got me onto gel manicures, which don’t chip for a month – they’re genius!’

As much as she’s partial to looking after herself, Blake wouldn’t consider herself obsessed with her appearance. She takes a relaxed approach to style, especially when it comes to her tresses.

‘I’d describe my look as pretty low-maintenance and my hair looks pretty messy most days.

When I’m not working, I condition it with Herbal Essences’ Hello Hydration Intensive Mask, then just let it air dry. It gets so much heat styling form my job, it’s important to give it a break,’ she added.

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