High Heels Shoes

So many women love to wear High Heels. As wearing high heels give them elegant, stylish and sometimes sexy look. But in order to give a slim look, your figure must be the smart one.
Fashionable and stylish high heel shoes & sandals are in their zoom throughout the world. Whatever the place it can be the parties, public places, and wedding functions or even in offices. You’ll see the women wearing heels.  No fashion footwear goes complete without mentioning a wide range of Heels.
Actually the trend of wearing high heels emerged during the era of Queen Elizabeth. Since then this trend of admiring high heels are in its process and continuously going its way.  They are present in so many shapes, styles and sizes, usually their size ranges from two to six inches. So many ladies love to wear pencil heels as well.
No doubt, high heels give you the desired stylish look; you always want for yourself but according to experts wearing high heels in excess cause a serious threat in reducing your smartness of the body.
Wearing them in excess can makes your hips heavy, as your thighs bear the weight of your whole body when you wear high heels particularly. Other than this, constantly wearing high heels may cause foot ache, cones, and blisters as well. It can also affect your calf muscles too.
Doctors prescribe expected mothers to avoid high heels as much as they can. As thin high heels have fewer tendencies to bear the excessive body weight. So, it can be so dangerous. Besides them heart patients are also not allowed to wear high heels. If someone has some problem, then she must consult with doctor or some specialist and then take the risk of wearing heel. In this way specialist can help you in selecting the right heel shoes, according to what really suites you.

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