Facebook changes trying to be more social

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 007 300x180 Facebook changes trying to be more socialNew features for Facebook were unveiled by founder Mark Zuckerberg in the lead-up to the f8 conference. However, initial reactions on the Internet were not even close to positive.

It was on Tuesday night that Facebook unveiled its third and biggest update to Mark’s  social network in 10 days, with a real-time “ticker”, which appeared in a report in the Guardian on Monday.

The newly added live ticker is mean to reveal what your friends are talking about right now. What is more, beginning with Thursday, Facebook users will be able to see what friends are listening to, reading or watching at present.

According to Facebook engineer Mark Tokelowitz, this new feature will turn Facebook into “your own personal newspaper”. Facebook founder also announced that this new update is an unobtrusive little box in the top-right corner of the page, which means that News Feed displays only the “Top Stories” from that particular day.

Finally, if you do not like the new changes brought to your profile, you can turn off new Facebook features and revert to the old style by simply switching your settings to English(UK).

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