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SlimCleaner – A set of tools to clean and optimize your Windows-systems. One of the features offered by the creators of the product is support for user ratings, which guarantee quick and accurate assessment of any widespread application.

Application takes care of temporary Windows files, a list of recently opened documents and will purge the folder used Windows-based applications to store their own logs history. The list of supported software includes popular media players, office applications, browsers and antivirus software.

Against each object in the Startup menu, and each installed program is indicated by different color provides insight about the value and safety of a particular application. Each application can be assigned to one of three categories based on user ratings. Rating «Good» means that this program is completely trustworthy. Applications marked with «Optional» are not critical and can be removed without serious consequences. Finally, objects with a rating of «Unwanted» are malicious and potentially unwanted programs.

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