Churidaar Pajama

Women always like to wear latest designed dresses at the occasion of wedding and parties, which includes shalwar kameez, saree Ghaghara choli and churidaar pajama is on top. The fashion of these dresses is some time in and sometime out. It all depends upon the liking and disliking of girls, nowadays churidaar pajama is mostly in fashion. It is the first liking of women in every occasion. Churidaar pajama is popular among women from last some period. Especially it is first choice of young girls at the occasion of wedding, some dresses and designs are popular among women for some time due to changes in fashion. After use of that dresses and designs they search for more unique designs.

However some dresses are think to be evergreen churidar pajama include in such dresses. Curidaar pajama is important part of the traditional eastern dresses and rapidly popular among women,every one like to wear at the occasion of wedding ceremonies.

Mostly women wear the combination of yellow and green colors at the occasion of mehndi, they wear churidaar pajama instead of shalwar.It looks extremely stunning with embroidered connubial dresses.

During the preparation of wedding dresses when girls makes connubial dresses in large quantity then with few dresses they also make churidar pajama. Therefore it is like and wear in a whole year,churidaar pajamais counted in that dresses which are famous in both places India and Pakistan. Specialty of this dress is that it can wear easily and there is no difficulty to carry this dress like saree, lahenga and ghaghra.Churidaar pajama is very tight so it must to choose appropriate fabrics to prepare this dress.

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