Blue Eye Makeup 2012

Eye is an important feature of our face that reflects our personality. Different people are blessed with eyes of different colors such as blue, hazel, green or brown. When it comes to eye makeup, all eyeshadow colors don’t suit all eyes.If you have blue eyes and you are looking to find best eyeshadow colors to deck-up your eyes then just read this article; we are giving you some great color options to bring-out your blue eyes.Cool eyeshadow also add glam and drama to the personality of ladies having blue eyes. Few great options are violet, deep blue, pale-pink hues, light to medium-blue and purple that can add statement to the blue eyes thus giving you a fabulous look.

Usually the dark-blue shades are preferred by the ladies with blue eyes because these hues give them an intense and vivacious look through bringing-out their natural tone effectively.

Teal and turquoise hues also look great with blue eyes. If your blue eyes have a green or hazel touch then you should go for teal hues; they serve to effectively bring out the green color of the blue eyes, giving them a fresher look.

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