Barbie Video Game Hero (2017) FuLL Movie FREE Online HD DVDRip

Barbie Video Game Hero (2017) FuLL Movie FREE Online HD DVDRip

Barbie Video Game Hero (2017) FuLL Movie FREE Online HD DVDRip On Onlinemoviesvideos

The Movie Itself: Our Reviewer’s Take

It’s official. ‘Barbie’ is now the new ‘Tron’, at least she is in this latest animated ‘Barbie’ film titled ‘Barbie: Video Game Hero’. Universal Pictures has a great deal with the ‘Barbie’ enterprise as of the last several years, since approximately 22,381 new ‘Barbie’ films come out every year straight to video. While these movies may not be released in theaters, they certainly satisfy the young girl crowd at home for a couple of hours, while managing to teach basic life lessons in friendship, believing in yourself, and teamwork in each movie. There is certainly a formula that is followed each go-around and it never strays from that path, making these films all run together, even if Barbie is on safari, in space, rocking out to music, or taking care of robot cats and dogs. There’s nothing she can’t do.

One of the nice things that the filmmakers do here, is that they subtly inject the films with some old school references to make the adults smirk and not want to gouge their eyes out while viewing, which is always appreciated. In the past, there have been references to ‘The Goonies’ and even ‘James Bond’, but with ‘Video Game Hero’, there are some pretty fantastic references throughout that made me laugh and had my mind wander if the ‘Barbie’ enterprise will go into darker territory. Let’s hope so. ‘Barbie: Into Darkness’ would be a movie I would pay to see twice. Until then, we will settle for ‘Barbie: Video Game Hero’, which again, has a bit of ‘Tron’ in it.

Street Date: January 31st, 2017
Reviewed by: Bryan Kluger
Review Date: February 2nd, 2017
Movie Year: 2017
Studio: Universal
Length: 73 Minutes
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Country: United States

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