2012 Churidar Pajama

What a beautiful Gown style Churidar Pajama with beautiful neck design and this suit is decorated with beautiful golden stars and have a beautiful churidar pajama. It’s a party wear anarkali suit. Churidar pajama is the latest trend now days. It looks very pretty and beautiful even if it is wore casually or formally. Even girls are making it of lawn and cotton stuff.

There is famous saying that OLD IS GOLD and this  saying is completely true as it has been proved with this old fashioned anarkali frock with churidar pajama which is still up to date in this modern era.

Comfortable and versatile, Churidar-style clothing, developed in India, can be worn by both men and women. Simple shapes combine to create these garments, making them a great first project for novice seamstresses. Outfits consist of long pants and medium or long tunics. The ideal fabrics for these garments are cotton, silk and rayon, easy fabrics for beginners to sew.

Because of their minimalistic design, they make the perfect framework for embroidery or other types of embellishments. Churidar Pajama with Anarkali Frock, Poncho, Drop down, Tail Frocks are in trend now days. It is not only popular in Pakistan but all over the world this fashion is in the air. No doubt its vogue of olden times but this fashion has again come to light with new style and modern Touch.

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